So about 3 months ago, I came to the Bill Clevlen and asked if I could start doing a segment on our weekly trivia show that covered Comic Books, TV Shows, Movies and video games. Being the supportive fellow that he is, Bill said: “Really?” Fortunately, my enthusiasm wore him down and then it was time to come up with a clever name for the segment. “Geek Chix”, “Haute Geek”, “My Big, Fat Geek Segment” and several others were bandied about before I finally settled on “It’s All Geek To Me.”

After the first 4 segments, I had the urge to grow it a little. Let’s face it; there are times when describing a picture or a video over the airwaves just becomes a little too problematic. And so a Facebook page and a Twitter account were both created so that I could talk about things as they were happening instead of waiting to do a weekend recap of the past 7 days events. Now I could direct people to go to my Facebook page and see the video or the picture about which I was speaking. I was even able to take interviews that I had done with Lou Ferrigno and Burt Ward and post them up on the website along with previous installments of the show in case people wanted to listen again or if they had missed hearing it the first time.

Like anything internet related, this snowballed even further. Now there is an Instagram account and, as of today, this blog! Ta-da!! And here’s where the adventure begins. I could say more, but brevity is the soul of wit. Not that this was witty, but it was pretty brief! Hey, you can’t hit the bullseye every time. But there will be much, much more to come. I promise. 🙂