We all knew that this season of AMC’s smash hit series ‘The Walking Dead‘ was going to shake things up. Going in to the first 3 or 4 episodes, I was thinking that this would be possibly end up being their strongest and most solid overall season yet. That thought was only increased when Glenn supposedly died. That same thought slowly began to dissipate the longer the season went on without showing the repercussions of Glenn’s death and then that thought fizzled into angered frustration once it was revealed that Glenn survived a literal hoard of walkers by simply shimmying under a small square trash bin where he apparently waited them out for a day or so. REALLY?!?!


To have such a moment as the death of one of the original characters be boiled down to a “Gotcha!” moment by the writers felt like a complete betrayal of the involvement and emotion that all of the viewers have invested in this series over the past 5 years. Now with all the talk of Negan finally appearing on the show, all of the comic book fan boys are stoked about seeing Glenn’s death coming at the hands of “Lucille” which, in light of the events that have already happened to Glenn, would make his loss at this time and in the way seem hollow and wasted. Since tonight is the return of the show after their winter hiatus, we’ll have to see how the writers get out of this corner into which they’ve seemingly painted themselves, but here’s how I think that the season could still be salvaged.


We all know that, as the name of the series implies, EVERYONE is going to die. While Glenn’s first “death” was shocking, it was acceptable because everyone’s death is inevitable. Having Glenn survive in such a lame and unbelievable manner only would serve to cheapen his comic-accurate death at the hands of Negan if that is the way in which the writers truly decide to get rid of him. Instead *deep breath* why not let his comic death go to Daryl instead. I know, I know!! Even suggesting that fan-favorite Daryl Dixon should be written off of the show is considered heresy among avid Walking Dead fans. But, again, we know that everyone eventually will die. Wouldn’t you rather Daryl suffer and epic and truly satisfying death rather than a senseless one such as Hershel or T-Dog? Even poor Jim had a better death in Season 1 than one that they could now give Glenn if they do decide to go with the method of execution that Robert Kirkman originally intended in the comics. And since Daryl isn’t in the comics, we don’t have any frame of reference for how he could possibly die. I feel like granting him the death that was originally shown for Glenn would be a satisfying send off for an iconic character and help to give us a little more emotional investment in Glenn’s death when it finally does come. So what do YOU think? Leave a comment and let me know what YOUR thoughts are before tonight’s mid-season premiere!