FINALLY!!!!! Finally, after two lackluster attempts to launch a movie that successfully captures the true spirit of the DC Comics characters that Warner Bros has in their stable, finally they get a win. A true win in every sense of the word. ‘Wonder Woman‘ is outstanding which not only lit the embers of hope for the struggling DC Cinematic Universe, it blazed them into a raging inferno. This is a film that not only truly captures the essence of Princess Diana of Themyscira, it perfectly balances exactly what she was meant to be: an emissary of peace, a symbol of hope and a warrior without peer. Patty Jenkins is to be commended for her insightful directing and for carefully crafting a comic book movie that stacks up solidly against some of rival studio Marvel’s top-rated films to date.


Within the seemingly fast span of the film’s 2 hour 21 minute run time, we get a comprehensive origin story, a fully-fleshed out cast of characters, a compelling narrative that is neither too simple nor overly complex and a stunning finish that hits all the proper notes that one would hope to see from a movie that has been as highly anticipated as this one. Gal Gadot brings Wonder Woman to life before our eyes and carries herself throughout the film with the proper poise and grace of the warrior she is supposed to be while still displaying those small signs of understandable uncertainty as she takes on the new world into which she has flung herself. Chris Pine is his usual charming self and displays an understated urgency to his role as Steve Trevor. It’s always a pleasure to see Robin Wright on screen and her versatility as an actor shines yet again in this role as the Amazon General Antiope who takes it upon herself to train Diana for what is to come. The villains played by Elena Anaya and Danny Huston are classically evil and never over-the-top or silly (looking at you Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor).


I have been saying for some time now how much of a DC Comics fan I am and how desperately I want the films to be good. Now, I am proud to say that they are getting there. Whatever the formula was that brought us this nearly perfect comic book film needs to be the formula that Warner Bros and DC stays with going forward. At no point did the movie ever drag, it never felt too dark or heavy (which is interesting given it was set against the backdrop of The Great War) and, perhaps most importantly, it raised the bar for future films to be headed by a female lead. I am very, very pleased to say that ‘Wonder Woman’ scored a solid 10 with me and it will also be the first film from the DC Cinematic Universe that I will be going back to see in theaters for a second time. And maybe a third. Possibly a fourth. The only downside I foresee is that we’ll now have to deal with all of the people who are suddenly Wonder Woman fans just like real Cubs fans had to put up with when the team finally won the World Series this past season. #WWFanProblems. (P.S. There were, sadly, no stingers or post-credit scenes at the end of the film so feel free to disperse as soon as the credits begin to roll. You’re welcome.)

Wonder Woman (2017)
Gal Gadot